The Entrust Care Difference – Our Mission is Spiritual

“Each human soul is worth more than the entire material universe.” This statement of Thomas Aquinas beautifully summarizes our vision of the human person. Veneration and care of the elderly is a deeply human attitude that is expressed in the customs of many societies. In India, young people touch the feet of their elders in greeting, while parents bless the young by touching their heads. In Korea, the 60th and 70th birthdays are huge family celebrations. The precept to honor older people is in enshrined in Jewish tradition. Respect and care for the elderly is also a deeply Christian attitude. All of these traditions see life is a spiritual journey, and old age is a key part of this journey. While dependent in some ways, older people have a wisdom and perspective that is vital to the young, and younger people help to perfect themselves by the loving care they give to the old. This final leg of the journey, while difficult at times, is full of meaning and value.

Unfortunately, attitudes towards the elderly have changed dramatically in the past few generations. This is especially evident in our own culture, which tends to idealize youth and over-emphasize independence and “usefulness.” A world-view that emphasizes efficiency, technology and pleasure tends not to value old age in itself. A “good” old age is valued, while dependency and frailty are seen to diminish the value of the person. They tend to become more isolated and lonely, and may be pushed to the “peripheries” of society. Older people near the end of their life can be tempted to lose self-respect and see themselves as a “burden” both physically and financially.